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CPR course: Basic Life Support For Healthcare Providers

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Last week I attended a CPR course, Basic Life Support For Healthcare Providers, as part of our obligatory CPD points we have to get every year as a Physio.

I haven’t done a CPR course in years and so it was most enlightening. It was run by a wonderfully, enthusiastic woman from the Resuscitation Council of South Africa and I would highly recommend anyone to do it.

So here it is in a nutshell.

Assess the scene and make sure its safe for you and the victim

Tap the victims shoulder and ask them if they are alright. Check so see if they are breathing. If not, shout for help or phone the emergency number – toll free number is 10177 and 112 from a cell phone.

Check for a pulse at the carotid artery and if none is found, start compressions.

Its not ABC anymore, but CAB. Chest compressions now come first and should be started within 10 seconds of recognition of cardiac arrest.

Kneel at the victims side. Put the heel of one hand on the centre of the chest on the lower half of the breastbone. Put the heel of your other hand on top of the first hand.

Push hard and push fast at a rate of at least 100/min with a depth of at least 5cm for adults and children and 4cm for infants. Allow complete chest recoil after each compression. Tilt the head back and lift the jaw to bring the chin forward, thereby opening the airway. It is suggested that a barrier device is used when giving breaths, such as a face mask, but sadly, I don’t think most of us carry those in our handbags(which we probably should do). Give effective breaths that make the chest rise.

If you are on your own or there are 2 of you, do 30 compressions to 2 breaths for an adult.  For an infant,30 to 2 if you are on your own and 15 to 2 if there are two of you.

There`s a lot more, so get together with a few friends and do the course.

I really think it is something we should all be confident and efficient in doing.

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