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To Bant or not to Bant

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Since half my family, my friends and my clients are banting, I thought it wise to go and listen to the most talked about man in Cape Town at the moment, Tim Noakes. Its difficult to have an opinion if you havent heard it from the horse`s mouth.

So off I went to the Sports Science Institute .After been enticed to try the nut granola, nutty crackers, sugar free cakes, carb free tarts and  delicious Fairview full fat yoghurt and cheese, me and the other enquiring minds crammed into the auditorium.

If I  have one opinion, its that the Prof speaks with 100% conviction. There is not a shadow of doubt in his mind that what he is saying is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He does not mince his words about the lies that the Americans have fed us about what we should or should not be eating. He is convinced that the USA will be bankrupt by 2026 because they will not be able to foot the medical bills needed because of all the illnesses due to incorrect eating and obesity. He backs  this up with many graphs and tables.

He has researched this well. He apologizes for encouraging us to carbo – load all those years ago.

This is what we can expect, he sais, if we follow his low carb, high fat diet:

  • more energy
  • fewer cravings
  • no hunger
  • weight loss
  • increased mental focus
  • better sleeping habits
  • enhanced athletic performance
  • better blood glucose and insulin readings

So throw out all the processed foods, the sugar, the grains, the seed oils, the refined carbohydrates,soya and anything low fat.

Bring on the eggs,the meat, the chicken and the seafood, the full and high fats, the nuts and seeds, the veggies(those that grow above the ground), the cheeses and creams and the odd berry here and there.

Love him or hate him…he knows his stuff, he looks good, as do the many who are following him and his book has got great recipes.




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