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In the Presence of His Holiness The Dalai Lama

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Two years ago when I visited India, I was lucky enough to attend a talk by the Dalai Lama. After a harrowing trip by bus and taxi over many a mountain pass, I arrived in Rewalsar Lake teeming with thousands of loyal Indians and Tibetans and a handful of  other foreigners, where we were given front row seats.
At 630am the man of the moment arrives, supported by his aides.

Everybody bows to this humble, small man with a huge presence, and the silence is deafening. For a full hour he chants continuously, with no sign of any discomfort or wavering. By this stage, sitting cross – legged, I am in a serious amount of pain .After a small break, he returns, draped in yellow cloaks and begins his talk .With a permanent smile and infectious laugh, he speaks in Tibetan, which is immediately translated into Hindu and English.
Four hours later, my body is seriously aching, but my heart is full.


His talks are well documented but here is a brief summary of what I heard.

• All religions and philosophical teachings have the same practice of LOVE and COMPASSION.
• Wars in the name of religion are only ever about POWER, GREED and ATTATCHMENT.
• To live harmoniously together we need LOVE, TRUST,HONESTY AND RESPECT.
• The root of suffering is IGNORANCE.
• 90% of what we think is mental projection.
• CONCENTRATION, DISCIPLINE and WISDOM are important as is the PRACTISE of teachings.
• SELF AWARENESS is helpful in achieving happiness and reducing suffering.
• The more SELFISH we are, the more UNHAPPY we become.

His take home message for me :CULTIVATE A WARM HEART.

Agree or not, it is very hard not to feel a deep sense of peace, love and gratitude in this man`s presence.


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