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Joining the Cyber Generation

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So here I am , in my forties, deciding that I need to join the cyber – generation, create a website for my business and write a blog. In my day,(how old does that sound?), neatly dressed in blue culottes and white shirt,we would take our business cards and do the rounds at the doctors offices. We may have had an advert in the yellowpages. Now I am told that people google everything and anything they need….so here I am.

I come across so many interesting people in my work and in my life….

I have a lot to say(so my children tell me) and a lot to share , and  so my thinking is that here I can write things that I come across and think others will be interested in and benefit from. It may not only be physio or cranio related, but things that I believe are worth sharing.

Pop in every now and again and see if there`s something for you.

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