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Surviving Winter

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As we move from autumn to winter, I seem to see more and more people with coughs,colds,flu and chest infections. So here are a few of my favourite tips to stay healthy during these colder times. Stay warm – especially your feet, hands and head,so get out the gloves, socks and beanies. Lower levels of sunshine as well as the hormones melatonin and serotonin lower our immune system so we are more susceptible to catching colds.( and feeling a bit mis). Light lots of fires and candles,get out the blankies and happy huggers. hugger Steam – whenever any of my patients or housemates start with a cold, I steam. Fill a bowl with boiling water and add any or all of the following oils – eucaluptus,tea tree,olbas, lavender,menthol. Put a towel over your head and the bowl, close your eyes and let everything and anything pour out(not attractive). I tend to use this together or instead of the traditional physio nebulizing.If you have a willing mate, get them to bash your back with cupped hands to help loosen any phlegm in your chest. steam Drink plenty – we tend to drink less(water that is) in winter but its as important to stay hydrated as when its hot. Try hot water with lemon , ginger and honey or if you really want to be adventurous and healthy, add turmeric, black pepper and cinnamon.   honey Keep active –its not as easy to exercise when its cold and dark, but as important. Winter walks on the beach and forest, a dance class and remember to stretch… all time favourite yoga..done anywhere, anytime. yoga   Eat healthily and Boost your immunity –  make soups and stews with all the winter veggies and increase you supplements containing vitamin c, zinc and Echinacea. Eat lots of garlic – the best natural antibiotic!







So instead of dreading the winter, embrace it…the season of intimacy and reflection. The opportunity to hibernate….to stay inside and look inside.Snuggle up and stay warm!

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